bio Kamil Paw­lowski - com­poser of a young ge­ne­ra­tion. He ga­ined va­rious co­urses le­ading to Master’s de­grees and a do­ctoral de­gree. In­ten­sive pro­fes­sional ac­ti­vity as well op­por­tu­nity to co­ope­rate with out­stan­ding com­po­sers and di­rec­tors sup­ported re­ali­za­tion of aspi­ra­tion to be­come a composer.

His cha­rac­te­ri­stic cha­risma, cre­ati­vity and in­di­vi­dual style cre­ates qu­ality that is well re­ce­ived by the listener.


He was awarded scho­lar­ships of the Prime Mi­ni­ster and the Mi­ni­ster of Cul­ture and na­tional He­ri­tage se­veral times.